About me

About me

Leaisa Kraitten

Expert for more success & balance without self-optimization mania and Tschakka attitude

Thanks to numerous apprenticeships and a wide range of jobs – in permanent employment and freelance work, in owner-managed companies, in the Group, in the Medium-Sized Enterprises, start-up and as a founder, I know the most diverse challenges, especially in the world of work.

After a “health rift” I made tabula rasa and decided in 2014 to start from the employee life as a media specialist in the publishing house to freelance and to exchange supposed security for maximum flexibility. Finally, I had some passions to fulfill: fitness and memory training – licenses that resulted in the break kicker – founding and my training as a coach.

Sometimes, detached from work or everyday life, we first have to find out what we really need to live contentedly, self-determined, healthy and happy. Often even small “course corrections” are enough. Our lives are too precious and too short to remain in structures and to do things that we “actually” don’t want.

Sometimes, with merciless honesty towards ourselves, we have to discover the real desires behind our projects.

“Working time is life time”
I feel deep sense and joy in uncovering the motivation of my coaches, accompanying and strengthening them with optimism and humour. Even with numerous “cracks, scratches, scratches” or perhaps even decorated, I have discovered over the years how my weaknesses have helped me and strengthened me. No naive eye-closing from crises, mistakes or failures. We can understand every experience and characteristic as a mosaic stone and use it to reach our full power.

My overarching “why” in all my different activities? Create encounters, contact and communication! With lectures, seminars, workshops and coachings, people can get in touch with themselves and – through moderation and marketing , establish contacts, advice and dinner evenings with helenas contacts with each other.

For me, there is nothing more useful than motivating people to help them unleash their full potential, the solutions have long been in us.